“National Supplier Of The Year”
Since our inception in 1977 as a full service coffee roaster, Excelso Coffee, the parent company of Atlanta Vending, has maintained a simple philosophy:

“We provide our customers with the highest quality coffees
at the best possible price while delivering excellent service.”

This philosophy has helped us become an award winning industry authority.  Excelso Coffee was awarded “National Supplier of the Year” by the National Coffee Service Association (NCSA).  We are the only company to have won this award twice in the history of the NCSA.

100% Arabica Coffee Beans
Our premium coffees are custom blended and fresh roasted daily using only 100% Arabica coffee beans.  Arabica is the name of the original coffee plant.  The superior Arabica beans are called “milds” and the highest grades of these are used for gourmet coffees.  Arabica is grown at high elevations and the beans develop slowly at these altitudes, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic cup. 

Serving Over 1.25 Million Cups A Day
Excelso Coffee roasts in excess of two million pounds of coffee each year – approximately 10,000 pounds daily.  Our diverse client base of restaurants and office coffee service providers located in 35 states rely on Excelso for blending, roasting and packaging their private label branded coffee.  Our clients serve more than 1.25 millions cups of Excelso Coffee each day.

Our Formula for Quality and Consistency
Our specialized expertise is carefully selecting, blending, roasting, grinding and packaging the beans in a consistent manner so that we match a specific customized flavor profile for each client.  To achieve this consistency, our Central and South American coffee beans are prepared in a giant state-of-the-art European roaster…the ultimate roasting machine.

Factors that influence the roasting process include moisture reduction, carmelization of sugars and pyrolysis, which is defined as a series of spontaneous chemical reactions.  Water-quenching stops pyrolysis at the desired point of color and flavor development.

A light and lively cup mild in flavor, with a light body and a hint of acidity.  A coffee that you could drink all day.

This coffee owes its distinctive smooth character to our proprietary blend of light roasted Colombian and Central American high grown coffees.  You’ll find it smooth and clean tasting with light acidity, good body and pleasant aroma.

This unique blend is roasted until the bean surface is covered with aromatic oils.  It has a rich, deep, dark and bold character that yields a full-bodied taste that satisfies the most discriminating coffee enthusiast.

A rare cup encompassing all of the qualities that first made Colombian coffees famous.  These coffees have a pleasant acidity with a distinctive, heady aroma.  The flavor is consistently clean, mellow and nicely balanced.

This is 100% pure Estate grown Kauai, Hawaiian coffee.  The equatorial climate and volcanic soil create a highly favorable setting for growing coffee.  In the cup, this coffee is rich in taste, with medium body and a pleasant aromatic complexity.  This exclusive coffee is available in Noonday Medium and Midnight Dark.

A very special coffee, these Colombian and Central American milds have been blended and roasted to perfection.  The result is a complete coffee with a distinctive rich flavor without all that caffeine.

A unique special blend of Colombian and Central American milds that have been roasted to perfection and married with our exclusive flavors.  Flavors include Banana Foster, French Vanilla, Hazelnut Supreme, Southern Pecan, English Toffee, Irish Cream, Amaretto Supreme, Jamaican Me Crazy and many more including a complete line of limited edition Holiday Flavors.

“This is a business of creativity, passion and precision. Roasting great coffee, like making fine wine, is a unique craft with many delicate intricacies. Since 1977, we have mastered the art of coffee roasting. We truly enjoy sharing our creations with all of our clients.”
Geoffrey A. Paul
Excelso Coffee & Tea Co.
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